Strong Sintered Ndfeb Magnet

Strong Sintered Ndfeb Magnet.jpg

Wedge wind generator magnet 

1. Certification:ISO14001:2015/OHSAS18001:2007/IATF16949:2016(ISO/TS16949)/ROHS/REACH

2. Strong demagnetization 

3. Grade: N35-N52,M,H,SH,UH,EH

Wedge Rare Earth Wind Generator Magnet, Sintered Neodymium Magnet Wind Generator

1) Ndfeb arc or segment magnet has superior magnetic properties than other magnets

2) Higher unit magnetic properties  

3) Smaller size and lighter weight in designing devices

4) Mostly an iron based alloy, NdFeB type rare earth magnet is much more prone to surface oxidation or rust, and elimination. Users should consider magnet coating, plating or suitable surface treatment

5) Less prone to chipping during handling

6) Lower temperature coefficient of magnetic properties than ceramic, higher than SmCo type rare earth magnet

7) Irreversible loss at high temperature

8) Types: N30, N33, N35, N38, N40, N42, N30M, N33M, N35M, N38M, N40M, N27H, N30H, N33H, N35H, N37H, N27SH, N30SH, N33SH, N35SH, N25UH,   N28UH, N30UH, N35SH, N38, N45, N48, and N50

9) High energy ranging from 8MGOe to 48MGOe with wonderful coercive force

10) Less expensive, and mechanically stronger and less brittle than SmCo

11) Density: 13%, smaller than SmCo products

12) For most applications, coating or plating is recommended

13) Advantages:

     a) High energy 

     b) Very high Hc and Hci output

     c) More economical than SmCo

     d) Wonderful performance at ambient temperature 

14) Disadvantages:

     a) Working temperature is below 2,000<sup>o</sup>C

     b) Prone to oxidation than other magnet alloys

15) Widely used in apparatus and instruments where a strong magnetic field is needed,

including motors, sensors, microphones, electro-acoustics,  magnetic separation,

magnetic suckers and magnetic therapy